Alessio Spurio Mancini

Postdoctoral Fellow*

University College London

Alessio’s research focuses on the combination of Bayesian inference and Machine Learning to cosmology and other fields (for example geophysics). In cosmology, he is particularly excited about weak gravitational lensing with optical galaxy surveys like ESA’s Euclid satellite mission. He recently won the MSSL Robert Boyd Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement.

Alessio is the Lead of the Euclid Weak Lensing End-to-End Performance Group and of the Euclid Pre-launch Key Project “Weak Lensing Systematics Review”. The group has the responsibility of quantifying the impact of multiple systematic effects on the final cosmological constraints from Euclid weak lensing data.

* Alessio has been funded by various grants while at MSSL. He was previously funded by a Leverhulme Project grant, on which Jason was PI and Tom Co-I. He is currently funded on an STFC consolidated grant on which Tom is PI and Jason Co-I. In addition to his role in the AstroInfo team, he works closely with Tom on Euclid weak lensing.